Lesson 2. Money-Making Marketing Plan

Lesson 2 is all about leveraging other people’s audiences ethically to grow your credibility as well as the audience in the process. I’ll also teach you how to create a […]

Lesson 1. Choosing The Right Marketing Platform

Before we start talking about leveraging social media, networking events, and other marketing channels, we need to get clear on 2 things first: #1: Determine what type of business you […]

Lesson 2. Emails That Convert

Now that you have a lead magnet to attract new people and get them on your email list, lesson 2 is all about taking your followers and email subscribers on […]

Lesson 1. Lead Magnet That Generates Leads

In module 5, you will work on setting up a cash-generating sales funnel that’s 100% automated, so your customers can easily find you, trust your expertise, and buy from you […]

Lesson 2. Pricing That Pays

In this lesson, we’re going to map out your income goals and create the right pricing strategy, so that you can quickly make the kind of money you damn well […]

Lesson 1. Offer That Delivers

I’m excited to dive into this module because, I must say, it is where a lot of people get stuck. Because mostly, people automatically assume that they KNOW what they […]

Lesson 2. Copy That Converts

In this module, you’ll refine your business messaging and learn to create content that attracts attention and drives engagement across your digital presence. Before I walk you through the fundamental […]

Lesson 3. Messaging That Attracts

Businesses today are about MORE than selling products or services. Because truth be told, your product, service or offer isn’t groundbreaking or something that cannot be found anywhere else. With […]

Lesson 1. Stand Out or Back Out

Here’s the thing. If you can’t stand out in your market, then eventually you will have to back out … because if you don’t get NOTICED, you can’t make any […]