Lesson 2. Dream Clients That Connect


We all seem to know TOO MUCH.

We know who we are…

We know what we want to do…

And we know who we can help in business…

But the thing is, you can’t build a business based on assumptions or solely through your intuition. A business that helps you get paid is carefully designed keeping your personal expertise + your ideal customers in mind.

You think you know what’s going on inside the minds and lives of your ideal customers, but in reality, you do not.

You need to find out your ideal customers deepest desires, biggest struggles, and threatening challenges, so you can offer them the transformation they need through your paid or unpaid offers.

And you can do that by conducting research. Get people on the phone and ask them the right questions in the right order. This will give you a very clear idea of who your ideal customer is, what that person is struggling with and what kind of solution is he/she looking for.

I’ve developed a series of questions to ask in the interviews during your research process. Download the Module 1 workbook and fill out the Workbook Part 2.

See you in the course community!