Lesson 1. Expertise That Pays


As a multi-passionate person, you may have various life experiences, professional expertise or skill sets up your sleeves. Most of the time you know what you want to do, but then you see something else that catches your attention, and you start doubting your business idea.

Should I really do this?

Or should I change directions?

Will this pay as much as I want to make?

Or should I pick something that seems to be in-demand?

The right answer starts by asking yourself a simple question.

“What is it that I know that DOES NOT only get me excited but will help create transformation for others too?”

I’ve created a series of brainstorm questions to help you dive deeper into your likes and dislikes, so you can pick ONE business idea confidently & boldly. Download the Module 1 workbook and fill out the Workbook Part 1. See you in the course community with your AHA moments!