Foundation: Bonus Module


If you incorporated more time off, more time to play, you would find more success.

I didn’t believe this at first either.

I have incredible mentor and friend of mine, Susan Hyatt, one of her quotes is “the more fun I have, the more money I make”.
I thought, Okay, great. Like, that’s cool. But what does fun really mean?

Now, again, there’s studies there’s science behind how our brain works, how ideas, how creative endeavors, how intuition, a higher level of power and existence comes through us.

It comes through us when we are in this state of play, of creativity, of allowing our mind to expand to a whole new world.

They’re just sitting in front of devices. And it’s, it’s ruining our our kids creative states and and their future, quite honestly.

So when we think about as adults right now, you think back to your childhood, you think back to what it was like to run through the fields and play and laugh and love. What will our kids Remember, if they’re just sitting in front of a TV? How will they know how to come back to the states to get themselves into these creative places receiving information and energy and, like, just happiness, pure happiness. So it’s so incredibly important, but it’s also where so many of our brilliant ideas come from.

So, you know, again, we think sometimes we have these big goals that we just have to work harder, we have to put in more time, we have to, you know, figure it all out, and we need to figure it out right now we need to sit her ass is at our desks in our office until it’s done. And that’s actually what’s hurting us not helping us. It’s the whole concept of letting go.

Letting Go, letting go of the outcome, letting go of perception of time, letting go and allowing things to happen for us allowing things to come to us. And then what we have to learn how to do is act on them. So if you’re have something big that you’re working through, right, maybe recently, we were going through some new creative projects, on launches, and I kept hitting my head against the wall on this idea. And I just thought we figured out and then we didn’t know what that we figured out and we didn’t and I was like, Oh my gosh, what’s happening? So rather than obsessing over it and thinking about it, 24/7 and saying I’m not doing anything until this, what we have to learn to do is let go and allow ourselves to to ask a more empowering question, right? Like, why why is this so hard right now? What is this supposed to mean? In this moment? Am I meant to be doing this? Where am I being guided? Can you please help me navigate or find the answers that I’m looking for? just releasing it and allowing yourself to go and play, play with your kids go for a walk, go for a run, turn your mind off completely, go do something fun, and then come back to it. And that’s when we’re going to start to receive some of those biggest ideas, the most brilliant, like Aha, moments are not those moments at our desk. Those moments are when we’re in that other state when we’re in that playful state, when we’re allowing all of that to navigate through our mind and our body and our heart shines through. So the more fun I have, the more money I make.

It’s on purpose. It’s not Oh, you’re lucky you have these great things. Yes, I get that. But it’s on purpose. For months I was like well maybe I should get the tread maybe I shouldn’t. Then I finally decided to do it had to wait all this time to get it in all that time that I waited thinking about well Should I get it Should I get it? Should I get it? Should I not get it? I could have just ordered it I could have been using it I could have, it could have been allowing me to increase my energy to increase my mental clarity and fitness and my strength versus taking it away from thinking about it. So how quickly can we make decisions towards the things that we want that are in alignment? get clarity on your vision, get clarity on what you want for you not to feel bad about it. I want passive income.


How are we going to create that? I want more money. A lot of people don’t like to say that. It’s not the money, what’s behind the money? What’s going to get you there? connection, opportunity. So the clearer we can get and where it is that we’re wanting to go, then we can see these opportunities coming to us and either say yes or no to them a lot quicker. And if there’s an incredible opportunity that comes to you that’s in alignment with everything that you want, even if it’s scary, we say yes. Every time we do something hard, takes us outside of our comfort zone. That’s growth. That’s growth. It gets us closer to where we want to go. And if there’s something fun that you’re seeking, in your business, that you’re thinking, wow, this is a fun creative project. Say yes to it, commit to it and be all in. Don’t toe dip.

My whole philosophy recently, you’re going to toe dip, or you’re going to Cannonball there’s no point in toe dipping. There’s no point in taking six months to make a decision. Cannonball. Cannonball into your life? Say yes. To all of it. Allow yourself to feel all of it, learn from all of it, grow from all of it. That’s what’s going to get you to the biggest, most expansive version of your life. connecting with people that are like minded that have similar goals as you do. creating opportunity for you and your family, the happiness, the joy, they’re going to be hard things along the way. Is there going to be some Duka? Absolutely, that Duka is our fertilizer to the sukkah.

So we welcome it all in. A strong foundation is necessary.

In our society of overnight deliveries, of I want this fast, of I’m going to hire this perfect person to make me an overnight success. We need to be able to become that person along the way. We have to embrace the journey of who it is that we’re becoming in order to become that person at the end. Have fun with it, dance with it, welcome it in.

There’s no magic pill, there’s no solution.

when we constantly think about this short term gain, Hustle, Hustle, Hustle, Hustle, Hustle, Hustle, Hustle. What happens is we build business, out of alignment with our own integrity, with in our own desires and dreams. And when you stop that hustle, your business stops with it.

So you can have something on cruise control, and it’s going going crazy. But if it’s not an alignment, it’s not gonna last long term. And you’re going to continuously see these patterns in every area of your life.

How do you create consistency, get in alignment, feel deeper, align yourself with the things that are going to support you create incredible habits surround yourself by incredible people say yes to things that are in alignment with the goals that you want to achieve.

Take exceptional care of yourself. take time out of your business, get good sleep. fuel your body, nourish your body. train your mind, feel with your heart. All of these things matter so much. And they matter so much more than damn business strategy that someone selling you that’s going to make you seven figures in the next six months.

Your happiness matters, your joy matters. That energy that you exude out, it matters. The details matter what you desire matters.

So if you have something that you’re seeking, if you have a business structure that you want to create, if you want a life that you’re dreaming of, those are your dreams, no one is allowed to tell you what you can or cannot do.

So let’s build up that own internal infrastructure. Strong center, strong intuition guidance. We our own North Star we our own internal compass. And we’re tuning into that and strengthening all that is in giving ourselves the power of love within knowing that there’s abundance for all and we dance With it, we play we create.

So wherever you are in business, it’s really good to understand what phase of business that you’re in. Hiring a business coach, hiring a mentor, hiring someone that can help you. It’s not about becoming who they are, or a stylist, it’s not about having them style you exactly with what they like, it’s about pulling out the treasure within you so you can see. And that you can then guide yourself and show up as the most authentic version of yourself, playing in your strengths and your beauty. And creating from they’re so incredibly important. So foundation is key. This is the key to everything. I’d love to have you come along with us, if you’re looking for additional resources to maybe you you’ve worked really well on the foundation, you’re ready to get paid. We have an incredible program called me to get paid. And it’s going to help you put all of the tools in the right order. So that you can lift off and you can start getting paid for your work.

But those tools have to be incorporated with who it is that you are. They got to have your special magic sauce on it.

So the foundation that’s first right, and maybe you’re getting paid, but now you want to build something that’s a little bit more sustainable.

You want to work 24 seven, you’ve done the hard work, you’re hustling you’re over here you’re doing all the things right sustained is an incredible course that we have that is that is here for business owners to take their business to the next level. You know, I always say you either your business owner or your business operator. And we all call ourselves business owners. But the truth is the majority of us are business operators, you remove yourself out of the business, there’s no business anymore.

Are you selling yourself? take you out of the equation, do you still have a business? How do we build a sustainable business? That you’re not babysitting your entire life? How do you create freedom, which is what most entrepreneurs get into business for?

We’re willing to do the work. We want freedom. We want to be able to take our lives and our businesses to the whole nother level. How do we do that? sustained is an incredible program.

And I invite all of you to come along into our group membership wealthy,

wealthy is defined far bigger than a number in your bank account wealth.

You can have all the money in the world and be so unhappy.

If you believe in reincarnation, a friend shared with me recently, if you want to be the most miserable person, be reincarnated as a wealthy person. Money alone will not make you happy.

The concepts within Foundation touch on the key fundamentals of what you need to incorporate into your life. to uncover your treasure what makes you happy, what makes you joyful, choosing joy, allow creating the tools to allow you to see it, incorporating it into your life seeing seeing and seeking abundance, opportunity.


Wealth is far more than dollar amount in your bank account.

Wealth is defined by in my world in my words, not only a large sum of money, but a rich and satisfying life.

I choose both – How about you?

I want it all. I want all the money in my bank account. I want a rich and satisfying life. I want time with my kids. I want a beautiful home that I enjoy. I want my weekends off. I want to do work that I love and I want to get paid damn while doing it.

if you want it all to come along with us in one of these other capacities.

Wealthy is a group membership program where we bring in people from all different areas of business life real estate. And we help you build out and identify and create a community that’s going to uplift you and allow you to step into that greatest version of who you are. We all need this.

When we start to feel like we can do this solo. I’m going to save myself a little bit of money, right? I’m going to save myself a little bit of money and I’m going to save up saving yourself $5 and a lot every day isn’t going to make you a millionaire.

It’s what can you invest in that’s going to give you a far greater return on your investment surrounding yourself by people that are gonna lift you up every day that are going to elevate you that are out there doing the same thing. That are saying, hey, let’s do this together, whether they’re in the same industry in a different industry, that those are the people that we need to have surrounded by us, hey, this is amazing. That’s a great opportunity.

Hey, I found this to work well sharing, lifting and rising together, while he’s an incredible community, great knowledge in incredible resources as well.

So if you have any questions and where you should navigate to Next, please reach out to us we would love to be a resource

Foundation, always come back to it.

Always put yourself first.

Do this often do it everyday, give back and lead with love lead with your heart.

Thank you so much for being a part of this and I hope to see you soon.