Foundation: Module 1


This module is all about uncovering the beauty, the depth, the love.

Every happy, joyous, successful person that you see, has done this work.

This work is an inside job.

So if you’re working on building up a business,
if you’re working on stepping into a new career,
if you’re working on seeking something that makes you happy … a job, a career, a business success, whatever it may be,
I want you to know that whatever it is that you are seeking, it’s already inside of you.

And all of this is meant for you to just start finding one little clue at a time. And then as we continue on this journey, we start to connect the dots.

Through my years in business I have found that when we start out on a journey / mission of something new, we don’t know what we don’t know. And the deeper we get into the world, and the life and and all of it, we don’t know, we don’t know anything, we don’t know what we don’t know.

As we step into business we seek something to show us away a roadmap, a business plan. It can be hard, and it can not feel so great. It can kind of feel like you’re squeezing into those jeans that are four sizes too small and don’t quite zip, and you’re just kind of there and you’re uncomfortable, and it just doesn’t feel good.

It can feel like every day you wake up, and you absolutely love what you’re doing.

So how do we turn that around –no matter where you’re at?

How do we turn it around?
How do we meet it with something else?
How do we meet it with happiness?
How do we meet it with joy?
How do we meet it with strength with empowerment.

As we start to uncover what’s already within us, it guides us towards what we want to create.

So rather than looking at our weaknesses, for example–

You’re in sales, and you have to build up your business a certain way, you’re profiling a certain way, cold calling every day, meeting people that you don’t really want to connect with. But you know what, it’s another number – and you have to hit your numbers. This is the way and it seems hard.
It doesn’t feel good, and it’s not fun.

If we continue on that path, what we’re going to find is that we’re building up a business that isn’t in alignment with us.

So rather than building a business on someone else’s strategy, let’s do this inner work first.

1. Identifying what your strengths are
2. What makes you happy
3. what it is that you are seeking

Uncovering treasure that is already within you, not outside of you.
There is no job or industry that will make you happy, unless we first do this work.

So what are those strengths, identifying them?

I am phenomenal at connecting with people.

Okay, great. That business plan then needs to have a massive element of connecting.

I want to serve I want to help I want to contribute. Okay but that doesn’t mean you’re on the back end doing data analytics.

All of the clues are already within us, we just have to uncover them and bring them out.

So as we continue to step into our strengths, we continue to build more
more of what we love
more of those feelings that we absolutely are so incredibly passionate about
more connection with the people that have more things in common with us (finding our tribes)

Those are the keys.
That is the road and the journey, each and every one of us is on is different path

Someone else’s business plan isn’t going to fit for you, nor should it because each one of us is unique. oEach one of us has gold within us.
how do we share that?

When we think about purpose, when we think about mission, when we think about why we are here?

What am I contributing?
When we think about the legacy that we are leaving behind, that legacy is you.
What are those incredible superpowers that you are meant to give here on this earth?

There’s absolutely no wrong answer but the more that you we are honest with what it is that we want, and we can follow that.

We follow it through.

I want more freedom, okay, does more freedom mean that I’m going to start three new businesses tomorrow?

Is that going to create more freedom? No, probably not. Not right now.

Whatever it is that you’re seeking; more happiness, more beauty, more abundance… follow where the path leads, continuing to ask yourself if it will create more of what you want.

No one has these answers but you.

This entire program, this entire groundwork, this entire fundamental process is meant to uncover the beauty the gems that’s already within.

And when we do that, that is the path.
It’s all there, we are just connecting the dots. Let’s stop trying to fit ourselves into a square peg round hole type scenario.

I built my entire real estate business on someone else’s model. And guess what, it didn’t make me happy. It was building a business that was not in alignment with who I was.

We can identify these things first, and then build off of it, then implement the tools, then implement the strategies, then run all of these different ideas, these different pillars of business through that filter, and that filter is you.

That’s an empire.

That’s a legacy that is unstoppable power behind the forces of what it is that you’re putting out into the world.