Foundation: Module 4


Welcome to module number four, we’re gonna be talking a bit about mindset and how powerful our mind is.


I have so many incredible people in my world that are mindset coaches.


I think they’re absolutely brilliant and a lot of the work that they’ve done over the years I followed, and I’ve applied to my life Brooke Castillo is incredible thought work leader.


But it’s one of those things where it’s like, what’s the deeper meaning behind this? Right? Like, if I just changed my words, how does that really change my state? How does that really change what it is that I’m supposed to be seeing?


So what I want to share with you today is how mindset and how I’ve incorporated it into my world, how it’s shifted and changed, and how I’ve been able to kind of make it click right.


So our minds, our minds are brilliant. Our minds are so incredibly smart. Our mind is what goes to work when we say we want to find something, seek something, right. It’s what allows us to see.


So whatever we’re telling our mind, that’s what it’s going to start looking for, if you tell your mind, where’s the color blue on a very easy level, your mind’s going to find blue all over the place, it’s going to start to go to work.


And so when we think about training our brain, that’s exactly it, we’re training our mind to see what it is that we are seeking.


But all too often, we are telling our mind to see what it is that we don’t want. bills, right?

Oh, my gosh, there’s bills, there’s debt, I don’t have enough money, your mind is going to go and find all of the validation to tell you you’re right.

This is true, you’re going to be living in a van down by a river, you are burning up in flames, and you’re not going to survive this.


So what we have to learn to do, is to train our brains to see differently.

And it’s bigger than just going around and chanting in your garden or giving yourself some really great affirmations to talk about every day.

I want you to understand why. For me, so many of these concepts I’ve learned you learn them, you can hear them, but it’s why does it matter? This is why whatever you’re telling your mind, whatever that internal language is, that is happening, your mind is going to work to see it. So whether you’re telling your mind to see debt, and scarcity, and the lack of what you have, in your bank account, your significant amount of debt on a credit card. What if you spun it around? To see abundance? The opposite of it?


I’m seeking wealth, I’m seeking more money.

Okay, how can you even turn it around to say,

Yeah, okay, great, but you don’t have the debt that I have on my credit card?

While do you earn points on your credit card? Look at all those points. Wow, you’re rich, you’re rich, and points.

Money is just the thing, right? Everything is just a thing.

The picture that you’re staring at the phone that you have in your hand, it’s a thing, we all place a different meaning on it.

So if we can strip away the meaning that something has money, money, money isn’t even real money is just the thing is the meaning that we give money that either empowers or disempowers.


It’s the meaning that we create for it and you can change the meaning of it. What money might mean for your husband, for your neighbor, for your kids for my four year old? Isn’t the same for what it means for me, right?


We create the meaning of the things in our life.


start to strip away that meaning, and allow ourselves to see more of what it is that we are wanting to see

more what

more what

more play

more beauty,

more flowers,

more red lipstick,

more fragrance,

more snuggles with with your animals,

more bedtime books with your kids

more love.

That’s what we want to train our minds to see more, more, more, more more.


Our brains do not like lack. They don’t like scarcity. We’re not in danger. We just have to train our minds to see abundance


Richard Branson, one of the most brilliant people. He has the most abundant mindset.


What makes him so successful is that he has trained himself to see opportunity every 15 minutes. He’s in an abundance. mindset, new opportunity comes to me every 15 minutes, people create luck on purpose, the luckiest people you look at them, they’re not lucky because of some magical, mystical thing. They’re lucky on purpose. They’re lucky with what they’re seeing and what they’re feeling how they’re treating themselves.


Well, what your mind sees is then what your heart feels, your heart can’t see anything, and your heart has so much more strength than your mind does. So when you think about that the power, the energy that comes through there, it’s not just your mindset, it’s far greater and a far bigger reach than just your mind alone.


We’re relying on our mind to see, and then our heart feels that and our heart then creates the energy and attracts what it is that we’re looking for in our world in our life.


So this is so incredibly important, I want you to think about I’ll give you an example right now, as I’ve started to shift into this mindset into this space, you start to see the abundance all around you.


within our culture within our society, were trained to see lack, we are trained to be pitted against each other, we are trained to win win win, we are trained to compete, right? Number one, number one, there’s not enough for everyone, I’m going to take it all.


That’s a limited mindset. That’s their limiting beliefs. And it’s a scarcity mindset. So what I see a lot of especially because I’m in an industry that is very competitive, right real estate is incredibly competitive. when I see people starting to get frustrated, or starting to throw their power around, or or diminishing the opportunity for others around them, because they’re better than everyone, what I see is lack scarcity.


The people that are out there, contributing, giving saying Come along, helping other people create massive success, saying Well, there’s there’s enough for all of us, sharing growing together. That’s an abundant mindset.


So pay attention to how you feel. This is so incredibly important.


Whether you are working with abundance, or lack or fear or scarcity, you can also identify and other people.


And it’s not from a place of judgment, but allows you to say, that’s not really about me, that’s about you, again, turning that mirror around.


We live in a world where the opportunity is endless for all of us, and there’s enough for all of us.


But we just have to train our brain to start seeing so that our heart can start feeling and the energy, the attraction, whatever it is that we’re seeking, you’ll be surprised at how it starts to show up in your world and you are then now able to seewhat it is that’s coming into your life just because you’re open to it.


So there’s power here, and I hope that I hope that this helps a little bit because again, over the years of me growing businesses, you know, it’s how do you get to the top and how do you beat your competition? How do you do this?


When you open up to a world that is enough for everyone and you’re working with the energy and you’re working with a higher power, there’s so much there.


There’s so much luck, we’re creating our own luck.


We’re creating our own miracles and you will be blown away at what miracles come into your world on the daily so have fun playing with this.