Foundation: Module 6


In Module number six, I’m going to share with you guys my morning rituals, habits, some of the things that have really allowed me to find peace in my own world, and also within my relationships and life.

Hopefully you find some little nuggets that will really help you, as you discover these for yourself know that these, this is what has worked for me, through my years of studying high performance habits and routines and miracle mornings and, you know, understanding and identifying, you know, the studies around your peer groups, and you’re an average of the five people that you spend the most amount of time with, what does that mean?

Does that mean you have to not love your family anymore?
Does that mean that you can’t have any friends.

Habits, high performance habits, it has been taught that you have to follow these guidelines. In order to be successful it’s got to be hard, it’s got to be hustle, you got to work 17-20 hours a day, you got to put in the work. It doesn’t have to be that hard. And it can be loving, and kind. The more we listen to ourselves, the more we follow this path inward, it becomes a much more enjoyable path. A more powerful path, getting us where we want to go. It’s our own inner compass. You need to create these habits for yourself, and what works for you.

If there’s anything that you can incorporate into a goal, business, health plan, etc, it’s consistency. Consistency in your efforts, showing up and doing it every single day. For a bigger reason behind it.

So if you’re trying to create a new workout routine, if you’re trying to become a bit more healthy, and it’s just hard because it’s new, right? change takes high energy, it’s disruptive.

It’s the second that we say don’t do this. Don’t drink that alcohol. don’t have that cake. You can’t you shouldn’t you are you are training your mind to become addictive to I need this.

So we have to reframe what it is, but also fall in love with what it is that we are. We are trying to do.

What’s the why behind it? I am going to work out on the treadmill every single day. Why? So that I can look better in a swimsuit? Yeah, okay. That’s not really the why. What if you start to notice I’m going to work out every day because when I work out on the treadmill every day, go for a run, walk, do peloton rides, I have more energy, I feel stronger, I have more mental clarity.

I sleep better if I work out before I go to bed. Why? Because it clears out all of that stress, all of that energy, and unblocks you, It allows energy to have outlets. It fills you up with all of the good, it gets rid of all of the bad. fall in love with that. If you can fall in love with the outcome of how it makes you feel. That’s what is going to create that pattern and that consistency.

So how do you start to create those habits.

We can train ourselves we can do it from a comfortable place.

If you’re doing creative work. For example, create your own personal routine and getting your mind and your body prepared for that. And it’s the same routine. Every time you do it. Say that every Tuesdays are your creative days. Every Tuesday morning, you could take a hot shower, you can do your journaling, you can look at something incredibly creative. Get yourself set up, it’s away from your desk, you grab whatever resources you need your favorite books, you get cozied up and For an area of your room or your house, you have a creative corner, where you’re training your mind to get into the state of creative mode.

Powerful, it’s so powerful.

Say you’re doing work like cold calling or prospecting.
And the second that you start doing this, and you tell yourself, man, here’s two examples of this.

All right, I got to do 200 calls today, I can’t leave my office until I do 200 calls, I’m just going to knock these out, I have to do it every day, I have to do this. This is what’s gonna make me successful, and you hate it. I have to I should I have to do this, or I’m not going to be successful, right? And it’s daunting, it’s hard. You show up on the phones, you talk to people, you’re not connecting the way that you should?

What if you created a personal routine around this that allowed you to create more space and more energy around it?

What if you said, okay, rather than doing something that seems a little bit over the top, maybe I can start with 20.


Maybe I can start with this and I take a break in between.

Maybe I light a candle, I put on some soft music, I give myself frequent breaks, I get myself set up in a place that I feel comfortable that I feel excited, I set my mindset in a place of I don’t have to do this, I want to connect with people.

Why do I do my work because I love to help I love to connect with people.

That’s an intention, you’re going into very different than I should do this. I hate it.

So notice how you’re showing up into these different areas of your life in something that you are enjoying doing or not doing a Facebook Live, if you have a social media calendar or content, communication plans, anything that you’re writing, get yourself prepared, create a routine behind it, allow yourself to feel good to feel strong. And as you’re doing hard things

The other thing that I think is so incredibly powerful– creating a new habit, creating a new routine.

It can be really hard. My husband and I have been married for 10 years, known each other far longer than that. We have created our own routines throughout the years. Before kids, we both worked until like eight o’clock. Sometimes we’d eat dinner on the couch, sometimes we just go grab dinner somewhere and beer, whatever. Get up, do it all over the next day.

Then you have kids, and your routine changes.
After kids, we both started elevating into a different way.
Now we have kids to manage. Now we don’t just have two businesses, we have four businesses, our responsibilities have grown massively, our household has grown massively, we know that now get on another level.

So rather than fighting what was old, it was allowing each other the space and identifying what it is that we need.
With that we needed more energy we needed to commit to our health, we needed to understand our health on a deeper level.

So one of the things that we did was food allergy testing with a great friend of mine, and are going to continue doing some of that work.

We got our home set up with workout equipment so that we can work out here at home because we don’t have the time to spend two hours going around to different gyms. So we have it right here within our home. We do it together.

Instead of bingeing out at night on TV that isn’t serving us, we watch inspirational shows, or we say, hey, this week, I think I’m going to take a break from TV, I’m going to read there’s a couple of books that I want to read on. Or there’s this new thing that I’m learning, I’m going to read this week, it’s just setting expectations.

So it’s not, you know, going into an evening and they’re like, oh, you’re not watching the show with me or the shows that we used to watch that are filled with darkness and negativity that you know, are no longer serving me. They’re they’re not helping me, I don’t sleep as well. They’re not creating inspiration with me. Why am I watching some of this, it’s a choice.

It’s a choice to cut out things that are no longer serving you not from a place of you can’t and you’re depriving yourself but alcohol for example. You know, wanting to feel on a deeper level, wanting to sleep sounder sleep, noticing how you show up and how you feel. allowing yourself to communicate and say, Hey, I think I’m going to take a break from this or Hey, I don’t I think I’m going to start decreasing the amount of which I’m eating, consuming drinking.

As you grow as you transform as you navigate into different areas levels, expansion in your life. Your body in your mind will start to crave a higher level of nutrition and you need to pay attention to that.

Create rituals and habits around those two To support you, and also create a network of people around you, that supports you.