Guided Meditation


Welcome to a short guided meditation meant to help you start your day off, setting intentions, grounding down and welcoming more of what we want into our world.

Allowing us to feel strength to welcome all that the universe has to offer to us. Thank you for giving yourself time to do this, giving back, giving love. Thank you to our guides and to our angels guiding us. And through this process, we welcome all of it. And we give great thanks to the guidance that is already working through us allowing us to be here right now taking it all in and releasing it like it’s already been done. With that we take deep breath in, breathing into the back of your eyes, allowing that breath to move through, feeling it moving through your body, moving down the back of your neck, down through your throat, your heart, through the trunk of your body, the core. Down through your legs, through your feet circulating feeling that energy going into the earth and not stopping there. Going into the earth and cleansing, becoming even more empowered and powerful. And coming back up through your feet through your calves, your thighs, the trunk of your body, your heart, stretching out through your arms, circling all the way up through your neck, through your face, your cheekbones, the back of your head, all the way up through your crown. There is no ending. We continue to breathe in. and exhaling bringing that energy in strengthening, nurturing. And as we continue to breathe, breathing in inhaling, inhaling deep feeling and noticing where that breath gets stuck allowing it to go deeper. Moving through any blocks working through us. We ask for our minds, our bodies to be healed. Bringing this breath in healing our minds, healing our bodies, strengthening our minds, strengthening our bodies.

And we ask as we bring in this breath, feeling the grace, feeling the joy, feeling the lightness that it brings to us.

We asked to not only strengthen, heal, but allowing us to Let go. Let go of all of that that no longer is serving us. Allow us to let go, let go of fear. Let go of lack, let go of pain. And instead we choose love and we receive love healing our minds, healing our bodies, letting go of what is no longer needed. On the path of where we’re going. And as we asked to let go We also give great thanks because everything in our world in our life is here to teach us to guide us and we give thank you to all of it. All of it. We welcome all of it

We breathe it in, knowing that we’re being healed. we strengthen. We let go. And as you breathe through this, allowing whatever needs to come to you, we ask for guidance. Please guide us, you surrender to the greater higher power of the universe and allow ourselves to be guided in releasing, all that doesn’t matter anymore. We make space, we make room, we grow, we expand, and we welcome the universe in, to dance with us, to play with us. We welcome in great opportunity. We welcome the gifts, the abundance, all of what the universe has to offer to us right now. We welcome it all, all of it without fear.

And as you sit here, and you connect deeper and feel the energy, feel your body feeling lighter, allow the presence allow the guidance to come forth, and know that it’s already moving in you through you guiding you, allow us to be open to seeing allow us to be open to receiving the guidance of the universe, allow us to serve through universe, creating love, opportunity, abundance, more, more energy, more love, more connection, more joy, more beauty, more grace, all of it right now. Knowing that the universe is already delivering and working through us, and we trust, we believe, we let go.

And if there’s help, that we’re seeking answers that we’re seeking, we clearly state what it is that we need help with asking our guides and our angels to guide us, please help me. Please show me, guide me to the greatest good of all. And we release it, knowing that it’s already done, trusting the past power, the energy that reaches far beyond us. And we give great thanks. Thank you for being here with us. Thank you for guiding us. Thank you for your protection for your love. Please continue to guide me throughout today and every day, protect my home, protect my family. Allow us to receive the abundance of all of it. Allow us to play.

We give great thanks. And thank you. One final breath in and out. And now we are ready to step into our day into creating, designing the life, the business that we absolutely love. It’s all right here, right now in this moment. Thank you