Do you ever wonder why some people just seem so lucky? They always seem to catch the next big break. Life seems easy. Work seems effortless.


They have the life

– the partner

– the family

– the house

– the adventures

– the business

– the health

– the happiness

– the community


Everything they do turns to gold. People love them, and you can’t help but love them, too.


“Ugh…lucky bitch”, you think. “If only they had to deal with what I am dealing with”, you say.


I know, I’ve been there. Sidelining and side-eyeing. Waiting and watching for the inevitable breakdown.


“This can’t last forever”.

“Oh gosh, that’s risky, there’s no way it’ll work”.

“Watch out, here it comes… I told them so…”


But it doesn’t ever happen. WTF? Are you serious? How are they so dang lucky?


Until I uncovered these concepts for myself, I felt and said these same things. I’m here to be real with you, to tell you that you are the creator of your life. You have created everything in it. And you have the power to change it, to live lucky –if you choose.


“People that are complaining are the one’s sitting on the sidelines”.  –Grant Cordone

“Live lucky” –Tony Robbins says.


Living lucky is a choice. It’s a change in perspective. It is a shift in how you choose to see and show up in the world. It is a way of life.


This is where it all begins.