Build a Business that Brings in the Bank
and Helps You Live Your First-Class Life!

Why did you start your business and decided to be your own BOSS?

Most smart & savvy women ditch the corporate grind and start their own venture
having the ultimate FREEDOM in mind.

The freedom to make as much money as you want…

The freedom to live a rich, relaxed and luxurious life…

The freedom to do MORE of what you like, when you like it…

The Freedom to say NO to things you don’t feel good about…

But the reality tells a whole ‘nother story!
Doesn’t it?
(I can see you eagerly nodding your head, Sista!)
  • Money seems to be rolling in one month and you are counting pennies the next (bills ain’t gonna pay themselves, and then you have increasing biz expenses…)
  • You make long, exuberant “self-care” plans with your girls but never have the time or the emotional bandwidth to follow through (I mean who’s gonna check that yet another “last” thing off your to-do list? NO ONE!)
  • You see influencers crushing it on social media, bragging about their multiple 6-figure launches, Santorini retreats, and Necker Island masterminds (Breathe in, breathe out! Let the envy flow through you!)
  • Where other people make major bank doing what they love, you’re doing work you absolutely hate and wondering if it is ever going to work.
  • The harder you work, the more stressed you feel and the tougher it seems to get out of this never-ending cycle of burn out and overwhelm (how would it feel to just relax…knowing everything is working out for you? Ahhh! Just divine, right?).
  • Oh! and not to mention your new BFF (Hello Binge-eating & VINO!) and the weight you have been putting on as a result, along with a lack of energy, lack of patience and feeling just BLAH.

Before I turned my real estate business into a 7-figure LEGACY, I spent a GOOD amount of time struggling to make things work. Keeling Homes was a baby to me, so I’d do anything to nurture it, grow it, and protect it – EVEN AT THE COST OF MY SANITY. But nothing seemed to be working. I prayed, beat myself up daily, and did everything that I “saw” other people doing at the time.



I was doing all the right things, then WHY weren’t people noticing me and lining up to work with me? Not to forget, my health took a toll on me and I ended up secretly hating my work. It took years of hustle, trial & error, and sleepless nights before I figured out the SECRET behind a profitable business and a delicious life (and let me tell you, it’s not what you think it is).

I took all of my lessons and developed a process that allows you to
LOVE your life, your living & yourself
(and make boatloads of money while you’re at it).

What if instead of having the same routine and the same results day in and day out… you flipped the script?

What if you could turn your wildest dreams into living, breathing reality and live life without any regrets?

What if you could get PAID for your work and get a roster of TERRIFIC clients (without ever hearing “I can’t afford it”,
offering too many EXTRAS, or discounting your prices!)?

A life of freedom, adventure and class…
A life of saying YES to what feels good and NO to stress- inducing tasks…
A life where you’re being seen as an expert and getting paid what you’re worth…
A life of feeling sexy as hell and loving every inch of what you see in the mirror…
A life from which you don’t need a vacation and have tons of time to relax and rejuvenate…

Before you let doubts and skepticism deprive you of another opportunity, let me tell you something.

All of this IS possible IF you have the right support system by your side.

I can say this with utmost surety because I’ve done it and so can you!


A place where personal development meets rad business knowledge – turning burnt-out mamas into sexy, smart & successful BOSS ladies. If you’re overwhelmed with EVERYTHING you’re supposed to do with LITTLE TO NO free time on your schedule, and you’re craving to know the EXACT steps influencers use to live their BEST lives & make SHIT TON of money…


This funtabulous, high-energy program is designed to help you get off your ass and challenge yourself to get BIG results in a SHORT span of time, so you can create a reality you damn well deserve.

Because thinking, planning, and absorbing knowledge alone won’t do you any good. You know what will? ACTION. So, you might as well commit to this transformational program and implement the shit out of this easy-to-follow, proven process.

Here’s how it works!

Step-by-Step Training Modules

Being an academy member, you get access to a COMPLETE library of resources and training modules. NO-FLUFF, straight-to-the-point videos recorded to help you move the needle in your business and kick things up a notch (or ten!). Press play and binge watch OR pause and take tons of notes – your choice!


Unlimited Access to the Program Material
You will have unlimited access to the program material within the membership site (No FOMO, No pressure). You can go through the program as many times as you want (for this business or an entirely new venture in the future). If I ever decide to upgrade the coursework or add new bonuses, you will have access to ALL of it without any additional cost.


PAY IN FULL BONUS: Smart Systems for Successful Businesses
Systems are the backbone of every successful business. They help you keep things manageable, sustainable, and scalable. Without having foundational systems in place, your business can eat up a lot of your time, energy and money (that we sure don’t want to happen to you). If you choose to pay in full for the academy, I’ll share with you some of the top (and necessary) systems that keep my business running effectively. I’m talking about scheduling systems, payment systems, onboarding systems, and tracking systems for better productivity.

Excited to get PAID what you’re worth?

Can’t freakin’ wait to LEVEL UP? (Let’s do it, Dahling!)


Your Investment Today!

One Time Payment: $797

Now $97

Refining Your Business Idea
90% of the businesses NEVER take off, not because their business idea isn’t “good enough”, but due to the lack of clarity in their business idea. Week 1 will help you define or refine what your business is all about, validate demand for your talent/skills, and find out if your business idea fills a gap in the market with specific exercises and assignments.

Positioning Your Business for Success
Do you know what success is in today’s cutthroat marketplace? Getting seen, heard & appreciated, and creating a customer base of true fans & followers. That’s what! Money alone can’t help you get ahead of your competition. You need an edge, and finding that edge is how you position yourself for long-term success. Week 2 is all about identifying your uniqueness and helping you stand out in an inimitable way.

Messaging That Attracts the Right People
If you think that a short & sweet elevator pitch is all that you need to attract your dream clients, I’m sorry to disappoint you but you couldn’t be MORE wrong. Your business messaging is way more than a hodgepodge of pretty words. In week 4, we’ll work on 3 CORE elements of impeccable business messaging. This will help create your POWER factor, and attract, captivate & convert the right people.

Developing an Offer That Doesn’t Get Ignored
Whether you’re offering a service or you have a product that solves a problem, creating a JUICY, and irresistible offer makes all the difference in the world. Too many entrepreneurs leave a ton of money on the table just because their offer isn’t priced correctly or positioned the right way. Week 4 is all about turning your expertise into a SOLD-OUT offer with the right pricing, premiums, and positioning.

Setting up Your Cash-Generating Sales Funnel
Ever wished you had a simple, automated system for customers to come find you, trust your expertise, and buy from you WITHOUT succumbing to any sleazy sales tactics? Well, your wish has been granted! Enough with the hustle, enough with the struggle, and goddammit! Enough with underestimating your awesomeness. Week 5 is where we create a step-by-step process for your ideal clients to connect with you, engage with your content, and buy from you WITHOUT any hiccups or delay.

Marketing That Matters
Selling becomes super easy when you know how to market your business the right way. So many entrepreneurs and small business owners hit a DEAD END with marketing because they’re mostly focused on talking AT people, NOT with them. Week 6 is all about creating a marketing strategy for your business that feels good + matters. We’ll focus on both online and offline marketing methods that are working now in 2019, so you can get the quickest and highest return on your (time + money) investment.

It’s time you get a NO-FLUFF, COMPLETE PROCESS, so that you can finally:

  • Get insane clarity around your ideal business (and your dream life).
  • Get acknowledged and paid for your knowledge, skills and expertise.
  • Stop saying YES to clients and projects you CAN’T feakin’ stand.
  • Build a business that doesn’t only make you bank, but also makes a difference in the world.
  • Have unshakable confidence in yourself and in your business vision & mission.
  • Have simplified systems in place to attract, engage and convert the right clients all while having enough time to relax, refresh and enjoy.
  • Have a roster of terrific clients that will become your BEST case-studies, testimonials and success stories, and drive an influx of new traffic your way.
  • Live life to its FULLEST with activities that fill your cup and make you feel precious again.

I mean, you totally know what you’re doing, you just don’t know how to make it work for you.

You need a practical GAME PLAN to kick things into HIGH GEAR and create a life & business of your DREAMS.


Your Investment Today!

One Time Payment: $797

Now $97

  • You’re a whip-smart woman who have had enough of figuring it out on your own (ain’t nobody got time for that) and you’re looking to get the help you need to score your first 5-10 awesome clients.
  • Your business is already generating decent income, but decent isn’t why you started in the first place. You want MORE; More money. More influence. More impact (and MORE is what you’ll get).
  • You’re sick and tired of too many strategies, formulas, and frameworks, and want someone to tell you what to do right now to practically BOOST your income & impact in a SHORT span of time (NO BS, Only Truth).
  • You want to build a business that gives you FREEEEEDOM – instead of caging YOU in another self-imposed prison.
  • You love personal brands and want to infuse your personality in what you do, but you need support in figuring out how to do that the right way (balancing professionalism with a personal touch).
  • You’re looking to learn from a mentor who has built a profitable, long lasting business for themselves, and can help you make that happen.

That’s where I come in…

Hey! I’m Brooke Keeling, owner of a 7-figure business, “Keeling Homes”, Podcast Host over at Love Your Living, and the Creator of Made to Get Paid Academy.

My passion & mission is to help women entrepreneurs and business owners build businesses that support their dream
life and expand their impact in the world.

My focus is always on 3 things: simplicity, sustainability, and scalability. You CAN build a business that’s NOT complicated, generates predictable income, and has the potential to GROW over time, NOT stall. Whether it’s getting your first few BEST clients or generating a consistent 6-figure+ income, I’m your girl! I’ve done it for myself (more than once), I’ve done it for my clients, and it’s time I help YOU do the same.

I’ve designed this 6-week program to help you get RESULTS in a short period of time and create the life & business of your DREAMS.

Made to Get Paid Academy Will Work for You,
  • You think your business idea/industry isn’t INNOVATIVE OR INTERESTING enough
  • You don’t have a huge social media following or sparkling credentials to back up your work
  • You’re always pressed for time (can someone reset the clock, puhlease?), feeling overwhelmed, burnt-out and blah to say the least!
However, I want to be very clear…the academy is
not for YOU if:

• You think you already know it all and are not coachable.
• You don’t even have a general direction of what your business could be.
• You are looking for a magic solution that will solve all of your problems WITHOUT lifting a finger.
• You don’t value investing in yourself and feel consumed by buyer’s remorse every time you purchase something.

If, however, you’re ready to KICK things into HIGH GEAR and feel like saying YES to a new chapter in
your life, I’m here to support you every step of the way.


Enroll below and get instant access to the Made to Get Paid
exclusive community, and all the fun stuff that’s waiting for you:


Your Investment Today!

One Time Payment: $797

Now $97

A BRAND-NEW reality or the SAME OLD monotony.

Hitting the NEXT LEVEL or staying stuck in the existing one.

What are you going to choose for yourself?

Don’t let another opportunity pass by you. Step into your power. Say YES to possibilities.

You’re worth all of the what-ifs and risks you’re terrified of taking. Your life’s worth investing in.

I’ll see you inside.

Here are some A’s to your Q’s. (FAQs)

Once you make the payment on the checkout page, you’ll get an email with your membership login details. In short? Your NEXT level is waiting for you on the other side of this page. Go, get it!

You’re getting life-time access to the Made to Get Paid Academy, so you can keep benefiting from it for as long as you want. Life is all about going after BIGGER & BOLDER things, and I’m sure you’d want to start new ventures, passion projects and collaborative experiences in the future. This program is going to be your one of the TOP go-to resources FOR SURE.

First of all, I am certain that the sales page explains in detail who this program is for and what kind of results you can expect. If you’re still not satisfied, then you can request a refund within 30 days of enrollment, provided that you submit all the work you’ve done. Your refund request will be rejected if you didn’t take enough action.

NOT AT ALL. This program does not require you to be highly tech savvy or hire someone else (if you don’t want to). You can do this all by yourself, but if there’s ANYTHING you’re stuck with, you can always email us at

Is it? Really? Because last I checked, you had the money to pay for your dog’s yearly vet check up, your kids’ summer event schedule, back to school wardrobe, mortgage and car lease, and whatnot!!

See! You spend tons of money on your loved ones, on people you care about! But when was the last time you invested in yourself? When was the last time you took a risk to radically transform things (so you don’t have to count money next time you wanna spend it)? 

They say, if you don’t take risks, you risk even more. Believe in the moment, invest in yourself and see how your life unfolds.