Lesson 3. Messaging That Attracts


Businesses today are about MORE than selling products or services.

Because truth be told, your product, service or offer isn’t groundbreaking or something that cannot be found anywhere else.

With one click, you can get acquainted with plenty of new people, build relationships with them, develop trust and buy from them.

  • So what is it that separates amateurs from pros?

  • What helps one stand out vs. stand back?

  • How do you make a lasting impact in the lives of your audience?

  • And more importantly, what prompts people to buy one product vs. the other?

There’s a ONE word answer to the above.


Stories attract attention…

Stories build connection…

Stories develop trust…

Stories get remembered…

And stories help you GET PAID.

Once you’re clear about the kind of stories that you want to tell in your business, you automatically get clear on your MESSAGE and your bigger business vision. Because everything that ever happened to you, every experience that you bring to the table, and every story that you tell…

…has a deeper meaning behind it. And once you understand that, people will start resonating with your social media posts, your pitches, and everything you say or do in business.

Download Module 3 Workbook where I’ve created a series of brainstorm questions to help you figure out which stories you need to be sharing with your audience and how to pull them together to create a clear business vision so that your audience can connect with you and remember you beyond products or services.