Lesson 1. Offer That Delivers


I’m excited to dive into this module because, I must say, it is where a lot of people get stuck. Because mostly, people automatically assume that they KNOW what they are selling, but in reality, they don’t.

Just having an idea of what you are selling (whether it’s a product or service) isn’t enough. You need to package, position + price it in a way that your ideal customers can’t afford to say NO.

Your brain might already be filled with creative ideas of how you can provide amazing value to your clients (and get paid for it while you are at it!), but this module is all about turning that ONE idea into an offer that’s irresistible.

So what’s the difference between an idea and an offer?

Well, mostly your product/service idea is the solution to a problem that exists. But an offer is about getting clear on the outcomes of your solution, and then packaging your idea with the OUTCOMES in mind (not just the features).

I can tell you from experience that putting your product/service out there WITHOUT turning it into an irresistible offer will get you nowhere. You will be so overwhelmed with the lack of interest that you might wanna give up altogether.

So here’s my 6-step process to create an offer that gets sold out.

  1. Get clear on what you want to sell (PICK one thing to begin with).

  2. What problem does it solve?

  3. Write down the TOP 10 outcomes your clients will receive once they buy.

  4. Now how can you package/structure your product or service in a way that delivers the promised results? (Bulk, 1:1, 1-to-many, over the phone, face-to-face).

  5. Choose the delivery method that excites you the MOST + helps you get your clients results.

  6. What MORE can you add to either help them get ready for your product/service, OR, make the most of this experience after they are done? (Yes! I’m talking about bonuses or premiums to sweeten the deal).

Download the Module 4 Workbook to answer these questions, get clarity around your offer and what makes it different from the next.

See you in the course community!