Lesson 2. Pricing That Pays


In this lesson, we’re going to map out your income goals and create the right pricing strategy, so that you can quickly make the kind of money you damn well deserve.

Now most of the business owners get it all wrong.

They first price their products or services (without any strategy behind it), and then create their income goals, which automatically set them up for failure.

Creating your yearly, quarterly and monthly income goals is something that needs to be done (and should be done) BEFORE you launch your offer, so you can price it accordingly.

In the Module 4 workbook, I’ve designed a series of questions for you to get clear on your 12 month goals, your quarterly goals, and your monthly goals.

Don’t get overwhelmed here! This is just a starting point, and this is something that can be adjusted as you dive deeper and deeper into understanding the numbers + sales trends in your business.

Because the truth is, income can be unpredictable if it’s a new business. One month you may make $1,000 and jump to $5000 the next. A lot of this has to do with finding your unique edge and analyzing what’s working for you.

So after you’re clear on your goals, next step is to price your offer by taking multiple elements into consideration, such as: how confident are you in delivering the outcome, do you have any prior experience in this? Do you have any testimonials or case studies?

Or, are you just starting out and need practice? How do you want to position yourself? (Affordable or high-end), and more importantly, do you want your offer to be just a pain-killer or a luxury?

I suggest you go download Module 4 workbook right now and fill it in! See you in the course community