Lesson 1. Lead Magnet That Generates Leads


In module 5, you will work on setting up a cash-generating sales funnel that’s 100% automated, so your customers can easily find you, trust your expertise, and buy from you WITHOUT you having to follow any sleazy sales tactics.

No matter how amazing you are, people won’t buy from you if they don’t know you or they don’t trust your expertise. Except of course, if you sell a product that fulfills a basic human necessity (think: your grocery list).

Hence, you need a system, a process that makes people fall in love with you and your work, and that process is called “sales funnel” in the marketing term.

Think about the sales funnel like a relationship. If you make a lifelong commitment without first getting to know the person, you will be in for trouble! If you slowly ease into the new relationship and let both of you understand each other, you will end up enjoying yourself and having a healthier, happier relationship.

Just like a new relationship, we want to ease our clients into going from strangers to happy customers. We don’t want to put people off by blatantly pitching them without first building rapport.

Instead, we develop a relationship by being strategic. We offer them FREE value first, giving them a chance to get to know us better, only then we invite them to buy from us.

Here’s what a sales funnel looks like:

1. Your ideal clients go to your web page to get an amazing, totally no-brainer FREE offer (that’s your lead magnet).

2. They sign up for this value-laden offer and get on your email list. Your lead magnet is the first step to hook them up and make them love your work, so it better be good.

3. Through a series of well-written emails, you then create a deeper connection with them and invite them to buy a lower-priced offer that is also choke-full of value.

4. Then you offer them your MAIN higher-priced offer that’s the ultimate solution to their problems/desires. They’re more likely to buy it as they’ve already experienced your work through your free and low-priced offer.

To create a lead magnet that will help establish your authority, build know-like-trust factor, and grow your email list FAST, download the Module 5 Workbook and get to work.

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