Lesson 2. Money-Making Marketing Plan


Lesson 2 is all about leveraging other people’s audiences ethically to grow your credibility as well as the audience in the process. I’ll also teach you how to create a content calendar to be visible and sell your offers.

In the previous lesson, you got clear whether you’re going to leverage offline world or the online world for your marketing. We also bust through your money blocks so you can put yourself out there and sell with ease.

Now that you’ve picked your marketing channels, I want you to create a 30-idea content calendar. The right way to figure out what to write on and put out there is by:

  1. Decide the offer you MOST want to sell.

  2. Now work backward and brainstorm what you can teach your audience around that topic; myths you need to break, lies you can reveal, awareness you can build, beliefs you can create.

Use this content calendar to be super visible on your chosen marketing platforms. You then need to make a list of people/businesses whose audience can benefit from your knowledge and pitch yourself to be on their podcast, blog, event, FB group, and more.

Download Module 6 Workbook to create your very own money-making marketing plan.

See you in the course community!