Module 0: Course Overview


In order for you to get the best results from this course, I want you to pay attention to this module. This course is -full of information, so it’s important that you don’t skip steps, and understand the big picture. The entire process of getting paid for your work is divided into 6 modules. Let’s dive into it.

Module 1: Refining Your Business Idea

The work you’ll do in module 1 will help you define or refine your business idea.

Lesson 1: Lesson 1 will allow you to dive deeper into your core skill-set, experiences, and expertise, so you can get clear on your business idea and move forward with your business without any doubts, fears or insecurities.

Lesson 2: Lesson 2 will help you understand your ideal customer so you can have a full understanding of how what you do will help them solve their pain and fulfill their desires. This will lead to more clients, more sales and a better customer relationship.

Module 2: Positioning Your Business for Success

Now that you are clear about what you do and how your business solves a particular problem, it’s time to position your business for long-term success by finding a unique edge. Because if you can’t express what makes you uniquely awesome, then people won’t be as likely to buy.

Lesson 1: Lesson 1 will help you dive deeper into yourself and your personality, so you can make your strongest attributes a part of your business and stand out in a competitive market.

Lesson 2: Lesson 2 is all about doing market research so you can study and examine what other people in your niche are doing, and how you can spice things up for faster connectivity and better results.

Module 3: Messaging That Attracts the Right People

In this module, you’ll refine your business messaging and learn to create content that attracts attention and drives engagement across your digital presence.

Lesson 1: Lesson 1 will help you figure out which stories you need to be sharing with your audience and how to pull them together to create a clear business vision, so that your audience can connect with you and remember you beyond products or services.

Lesson 2: Lesson 2 will help you write captivating copy that repels those who don’t need your products or services, and attracts those who are an ideal fit. You will learn 3 CORE elements of copy that evokes emotions and incites action.

Module 4: Developing an Offer That Doesn’t Get Ignored

In module 4, you will work on creating an offer that’s positioned + priced in a way that your ideal customers can’t afford to say NO to.

Lesson 1: In lesson 1, you will get clear on how to package your offer in a way that makes you excited and helps solve your ideal client’s immediate problem.

Lesson 2: In lesson 2, we’re going to get clear on the right pricing strategy, and map out your income goals, so that you can more quickly make the kind of money you damn well deserve.

Module 5: Setting up Your Cash-Generating Sales Funnel

In module 5, you will work on setting up a cash-generating sales funnel that’s 100% automated, so your customers can easily find you, trust your expertise, and buy from you WITHOUT you having to follow any sleazy sales tactics.

Lesson 1: In lesson 1, you will create a lead magnet that will help establish your authority, build know-like-trust factor, and grow your email list FAST!

Lesson 2: Lesson 2 is all about taking your followers and email subscribers on a journey where they get to know you more, fall in love with you, and get an opportunity to buy from you through a series of emails.

Module 6: Marketing That Matters

Module 6 is all about using the right social media platforms to get exposure, leverage other people’s audiences ethically, and funnel people in to grow your leads and increase your sales.

Lesson 1: In lesson 1, you will learn to choose the right social media platforms for your specific business and niche, and create a content plan to stay visible and get all eyes on you.

Lesson 2: Lesson 2 will teach you how to leverage other people’s audiences ethically, and grow your credibility as well as the audience in the process. I’ll also teach you how to launch and sell your offers through marketing that matters.